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Memories Of A Long Hot Summer

Sydney 196402 05 (2)

This wonderfully evocative image has captured the majestic beauty of Berowra Waters. The weather is clear and the passengers look relaxed and enraptured by the view of the river from that vantage point. The picture was taken in 1964 by an unknown photographer, and what also dates this period are the cars stationary on the punt – one looks like a fairly new FC Holden Ute and the other could be a Chrysler.

This is one of the many old punts that has ferried passengers back and forth over many decades. On an average the punts have been replaced about every ten years, but someone may be able to enlighten us on this matter.  The punt is heading west towards the Dusthole Bay side of the Water. It’s getting ready to dock as we can see in this image the landing gear is down, so the vehicles and passengers can safely disembark and continue their journey up towards Arcadia or perhaps they could have been planning a swim and a picnic on that side of Berowra Waters, which was far less commercialised in that period.

From local accounts, as the ferry left from one side, kids in the vicinity would grab hold of the back and hang off until the time was right to get on top of the passenger cubicle and make the big dive off into the Waters. Sweet memories of a long hot summer on Berowra Waters.

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Berowra The Beautiful

Today our blog site opens up for you one of our treasures!

Page 2 of Information for tourists

Page 2 of Information for tourists

Above is page 2 of a small booklet entitled, Information for tourists compiled and edited by C.J. Turner in the 1930s, we believe.  C.J. Turner was an enterprising man, today we would perhaps say entrepreneurial. Turner Road, Berowra Heights is named after him.

The river is being promoted as a special attraction to lure tourists interested, at that time, in boating, fishing, picnicking and swimming! Berowra for those in more congested suburbs offers its own leisure opportunities and points the way to others further north. The tranquil scene showing the car and pedestrian ferry midstream does indeed evoke the description, Berowra the Beautiful.

We are grateful to John Chappell, grandson of C.J.Turner for his donation of the booklet.  We do not know how many booklets were circulated. Has your family got one or something related to Berowra Creek/Waters amongst its memorabilia?


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