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Off To Berowra Creek

Off to Berowra Creek

This beautiful image is of a postcard from the collection of lifelong Berowra resident, Peter Huett. Peter has dated the postcard as circa 1922. It shows Billy Wall’s horse drawn carriage ready to set off for Berowra Creek which is now known as Berowra Waters. The sturdy carriage is drawn by three horses. One seems to be a bit camera shy.  Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me…  Are there only two horses?

The lead horse is probably a wailer, the agile breed used by mounted soldiers while at the rear are draught horses!?!

The enterprising Billy Wall met passengers at Berowra Station. Here they are posing on the eastern side of the old station. Note the seating arrangement of the passengers. Yes, some are facing each other. An informant, the late Betty Pontey of the Berowra Pontey Bakery family of old, told me that such seating arrangements led to these carriages being called Sociables.

There must indeed have been much excited chatter as families and friends took the weekend or summer holiday trip down to the popular beauty spot. There they could have refreshments and  paddle, fish or swim in the magical, clear waters after the winding descent through rugged bushland bright with abundant wildflowers.


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