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The Baby Health Centre

Baby Health Centre

This week, with the old Berowra Baby Health Centre having been sold, it seemed the perfect time to reflect on motherhood in Berowra. Berowra has long had mothers, but health care specifically aimed at them and their new children was a long time coming. Following World War Two, a baby boom occurred in Berowra, but mothers had to trek into Hornsby to visit the Karitane sister for their regular checkups. In the 1950s, Karitane would come to Berowra, thanks to a community campaign you can read about here.

For 20 years, Karitane’s mobile health centre serviced Berowra Mum’s and their babies, but in 1973 a permanent baby health centre was established for the thriving community. The centre, located on Berowra Waters Road, provided support and advice to mothers new and old, and many Berowra mothers will remember visiting the centre.

Do you have more information, or simply memories of the Baby Health Centre and its sisters which you can share? We’d love to hear from you!


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Remembering IGA

As it was

This week, we are revisiting a photo which we featured once before, but from a different perspective. The image above was shared by Kylie Snell (nee Ellem), along with several others which focus on the so called ‘horse paddock’ and the horses who once resided there. Yet this photo is also our only image of IGA, as it once was, and indeed during the time when it was run by the Hourigan’s.
I recall going shopping with my Mum 25 to 30 years ago, as a little girl. I would always be on my very best behaviour, not because Mum was watching, but because Mrs Hourigan was. If I behaved for Mum, Mrs Hourigan would appear with a small packet of chips as a reward. Sometimes I even got a lollipop if my behaviour was absolutely exemplary.
With the fire which recently caused so much damage to the building, it is wonderful to see images of the building during its prime. Indeed, it is at times like these that we realise just how important images can be in recording our stories.
We encourage you to share any images or memories you have with the Berowra Living History community.
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