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Providing News


2015-12-30 11.45.56 Berowra News Paper banner  Jan 1972  2

The above newspaper was first published in August 1971 by the Berowra Progress Association. It was a free 8 to 10 page (44 x 31cm) monthly publication and, as you can see, distributed to all local suburbs.

This paper carried local news, also adverts for local businesses, details of community activities, usually with a selection of related black & white photographs.     

One regular column was ROUNDABOUT – with Mary which reported on some of the activities of local residents. The following is from the p4 January 1972 column.

‘..Christmas parties are all behind us -the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads and a visit from ‘Skippy’ to the Village Shopping Centre -a busy time and now many local families are enjoying their annual holidays. Most of the holiday makers headed for favourite haunts on the North Coast -South West Rocks, Lake Cathie etc..’

Who can recall the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads? Do you have a photo to share please?

The ‘Skippy’ visit to Berowra features in the blog of January 16th 2015.

Do you know how long this Newspaper was published?

These days Berowra is quieter for the next few weeks while families go away for holidays.

berowralivinghistory acknowledges the donation of a number of copies of Berowra and District News  papers from Mary Budd.




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Remembering IGA

As it was

This week, we are revisiting a photo which we featured once before, but from a different perspective. The image above was shared by Kylie Snell (nee Ellem), along with several others which focus on the so called ‘horse paddock’ and the horses who once resided there. Yet this photo is also our only image of IGA, as it once was, and indeed during the time when it was run by the Hourigan’s.
I recall going shopping with my Mum 25 to 30 years ago, as a little girl. I would always be on my very best behaviour, not because Mum was watching, but because Mrs Hourigan was. If I behaved for Mum, Mrs Hourigan would appear with a small packet of chips as a reward. Sometimes I even got a lollipop if my behaviour was absolutely exemplary.
With the fire which recently caused so much damage to the building, it is wonderful to see images of the building during its prime. Indeed, it is at times like these that we realise just how important images can be in recording our stories.
We encourage you to share any images or memories you have with the Berowra Living History community.
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Marking The Occasion

Extracted from the Hornsby and District Advocate of Thursday April 3rd,1952

Extracted from the Hornsby and District Advocate of Thursday April 3rd,1952

‘Berowra’s Open Air Pictures’ was a blog subject back in November 2011.

It turns out that Cinema Indoor & Outdoor was just one of a number of things organised by the Crossroads Community Advancement Co-Operative Society Limited. Also included were Tennis Courts, Mobile Clinic, Kindergarten, Monthly Sale, and an Annual Flower and Orchid Show.

Opening of the Co Op 1951 in Alan Rd Berowra- from the collection of Eric & Iris Frost

Opening of the Co Op 1951 in Alan Rd Berowra- from the collection of Eric & Iris Frost

Were you or your family involved with any of the above? Please share your experience with us through this blog site.


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Good Advice To Have

The following is taken from Molly Dye’s   IDEAS  Book  (pictured below) and given to berowralivinghistory.com by local resident Shirley Collins. Did your family have and use this book?

Pink Molly Dye's ideas book Apr '015

This booklet is full of various knitting and crochet patterns,sewing projects,advertisements for cost saving and an ABC of helpful hints for the housewife and family.

I tried two of the suggestions under SLICK TRICK with appropriate success
*WHEN a cake splits, place a damp cloth on top as soon as it is taken out of the oven. Leave the cloth on for a few seconds and cake will come together.
*CLEAN CORK mats by rubbing them well with pumice, using plenty of hot, soapy water. Rinse in clear water. When dry, the mats will be like new!

The following two adverts were a real reminder for me. I used the Beutron kits when I was young and dressmaking and the Dunlop products extended the life of family footwear.


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A Follow Up To Sustainability In Berowra

Berowra is an amazing community, with a fabulous history, and at Berowra Living History, we love nothing more than hearing from our community. Your memories, photos, memorabilia and recollections are the lifeblood of the project. Berowra Living History is the history of the community – you! This is why we love hearing from our community and one recent comment was made which we wanted to share.

Last week, we looked at Sustainability in Berowra and the many drives for waste paper and other products which local residents took part in. Neil Davis replied with not just a lovely comment, but a wonderful recollection of the time:

Around this time I, and two of my friends Geoff, and Dennis Doherty were members of The 1st Hornsby boy scout troop.

These collection days were organised, and the community asked to assist. The scouting movement was asking those boys who could, to participate.
After X amount of hours spent on collection days, each scout would receive a badge, of which we were all very proud, to be worn on the scout uniform shirt. This badge was of red silk, with the letters N S, in gold, standing for national service.

On the days of the collections many of the community became involved along with a number of school children. A local man Erney Baker, used to come along with his lorry, an old Willys Knight . He would drive around Berowra with all of us young ones, going house to house, asking for items to help. We would collect car tyres, old copper boilers, scrap brass, bottles ,old car batteries, news papers . . .

While writing this, my mind travels back to (old Berowra) the time when there were only 300 residents on the electoral roll. Most of us were a bit poor financially, but we were soooooo, patriotic.

If you have recollections or even just a short comment you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!


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A Receipt of Interest

Original document held by Local Studies Section, Hornsby Shire Council Library

Original document held by Local Studies Section, Hornsby Shire Council Library

A time back I received a phone call asking if berowralivinghistory knew where the Thirgood Store had been located in Berowra.

We did not at that time have any information and we were not even sure of the spelling of the name.
It was then revealed that the receipt, pictured here, was held by the Local Studies section of Hornsby Library and they were keen to get more information.They have done that and the following basic details are:

G Thirgood,General Storekeeper of Berowra opened his store about c.1946.The store was located on the corner of Pacific Highway and Park Street (now Berowra Waters Road).

By 1963 G Thirgood is listed in the NSW voter’s register as a “charge hand”  and so had obviously moved on.

The purchaser indicated on the receipt is  Berowra Advancement Assn.

berowralivinghistory was aware there had been a number of community groups over the years but little is known about this one.

Can you please help us with information about either Thirgood’s store or Berowra Advancement Association ?


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A Mysterious Calendar

Advocate photograph

This week, with the beginning of the New Year well underway, and school returning I recently found myself hanging up a new calendar for 2015. This brought to mind an image shared with Berowra Living History, showing Berowra and appearing on a locally produced calendar in 1930. The Advocate, a popular local newspaper which is still printed today, once printed this stunning calendar, and presumably distributed it to the local residents in their delivery area.

Little is known about the calendar, and sadly, only a one or two pages of the original 12 have been sighted. Do you know anything about this calendar, or perhaps do you have a complete copy tucked away in a cupboard? Do you happen to know if any others were ever produced? Was the calendar free? If you know the answer to any of these questions, we would love to hear from you!

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A Special Invitation – Do You Remember This Occasion And Were You There?


The above advertisement appeared in the November 1971 Berowra & District News. This newspaper was published by the Berowra Progress Association for a time in the 1970’s. It was distributed in Mt Kuringai, Berowra, Berowra Waters, Cowan, Brooklyn, Dangar Island.

‘SANTA’S VILLAGE CENTRE’ boasted of a wide selection from 20 shops

To encourage all local residents a FREE Bus Service was also advertised to operate from Brooklyn via Cowan to Berowra Village Centre on EACH Friday, between November 26th and December 24th 1971.

The morning trip left at 11am with the return journey departing the Village at 1:30pm.

A number of copies of the Berowra & District News  papers were generously donated to berowralivinghistory by Mary Budd at the time of our first exhibition in 2007.


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November Mystery Solved

Shirley's images 07d

Our thanks to Pat McCready (nee Ewings) and Shirley Collins for the image above. It shows Pat Ewings aged 6 and her sister Jill aged 4 standing on the path to the Ferrykeeper’s Cottage at Berowra Waters in c. 1943. The girls’ father, Bill Ewings was a long serving Ferry Master.

And yes, they were the very welcome babies celebrated by our stork flag in our blog of 21 November. The flag was made by Nell Vivian and flown on the community flag pole near the then Vivian’s Boatshed.

There had not been a baby born to the Berowra Waters Community for 18 years till Pat was announced. Her celebration was to be followed by the flag with two stripes being raised for her younger sister, Jill’s arrival!


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November Mystery 2014

Acknowledgement to come next week - we wouldn't want to spoil the mystery!

Acknowledgement to come next week – we wouldn’t want to spoil the mystery!

Yes, this flag or banner announces a birth!

It was flown on the community flag pole at Berowra Waters some decades ago.

Can you tell us more?

Whose birth is being announced? What is the special significance?

Why the two stripes in the top left hand section?

Have you seen or used similar banners in Australia or overseas? When travelling I saw a great one in Switzerland.


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