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Have You Heard Of Fishermans Point?

Fisherman's Bend Hawkesbury River  Tyrrell collection   HSC L S Coll

This tranquil image titled ‘Fisherman’s Bend’ Hawkesbury River is from the original Tyrrell Collection (glass plate) and by Henry King 1880-1900. It certainly evokes a relaxed river lifestyle in the Australian bush.

..Fisherman’s Point, lies on the southwestern shore of the Hawkesbury River,immediately north of Bar Island,at the mouth of Berowra Creek.

Previously called Fisherman’s Bend, it was named Fisherman’s Point on an 1831 survey map which also records a 35 acre (14hectare) land grant to two businessmen  F J King and R W Robinson.

Since then,Fisherman’s Point has become a secluded residential and recreational area…

(Niall Clugston 2008 )

The above is Courtesy of Hornsby Shire Council Library Local Studies Collection.


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Providing News


2015-12-30 11.45.56 Berowra News Paper banner  Jan 1972  2

The above newspaper was first published in August 1971 by the Berowra Progress Association. It was a free 8 to 10 page (44 x 31cm) monthly publication and, as you can see, distributed to all local suburbs.

This paper carried local news, also adverts for local businesses, details of community activities, usually with a selection of related black & white photographs.     

One regular column was ROUNDABOUT – with Mary which reported on some of the activities of local residents. The following is from the p4 January 1972 column.

‘..Christmas parties are all behind us -the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads and a visit from ‘Skippy’ to the Village Shopping Centre -a busy time and now many local families are enjoying their annual holidays. Most of the holiday makers headed for favourite haunts on the North Coast -South West Rocks, Lake Cathie etc..’

Who can recall the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads? Do you have a photo to share please?

The ‘Skippy’ visit to Berowra features in the blog of January 16th 2015.

Do you know how long this Newspaper was published?

These days Berowra is quieter for the next few weeks while families go away for holidays.

berowralivinghistory acknowledges the donation of a number of copies of Berowra and District News  papers from Mary Budd.




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Marking The Occasion

Extracted from the Hornsby and District Advocate of Thursday April 3rd,1952

Extracted from the Hornsby and District Advocate of Thursday April 3rd,1952

‘Berowra’s Open Air Pictures’ was a blog subject back in November 2011.

It turns out that Cinema Indoor & Outdoor was just one of a number of things organised by the Crossroads Community Advancement Co-Operative Society Limited. Also included were Tennis Courts, Mobile Clinic, Kindergarten, Monthly Sale, and an Annual Flower and Orchid Show.

Opening of the Co Op 1951 in Alan Rd Berowra- from the collection of Eric & Iris Frost

Opening of the Co Op 1951 in Alan Rd Berowra- from the collection of Eric & Iris Frost

Were you or your family involved with any of the above? Please share your experience with us through this blog site.


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At The Royal Easter Show

At the Show, March 1948.   Image thanks to Jim Hatfield

At the Show, March 1948.
Image thanks to Jim Hatfield

This happy group of friends and family had just got inside the old showgrounds when a street photographer lined them up for this reminder of their Easter outing.

From the left we have long time Berowra resident Jim Hatfield, then Margot Hughes, friend of Thea, next is Peg Thompson and then Thea who moved to Berowra in 1947, Peg’s brother, George Thompson, and on his right their older brother, Ray completes the youthful group.

The Thompson family had moved to Berowra during the depression. Thea and George were later to marry and raise their family in Berowra.

Note the dress code of the 40s.

Do you recognize any of the buildings in this long held image?

How are you spending the Easter holidays, 2015?


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Easter Holidays In Berowra

March 12, 1936 in The Farmer And Settler.  Retrieved from http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/page/11756454

March 12, 1936 in The Farmer And Settler.
Retrieved from http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/page/11756454

With the Easter Holidays just beginning, Berowra Living History thought it was the perfect time to look back at holidaying around Easter, and particularly at Berowra. Although many now head further afield for their Easter break, Berowra and the scenic Berowra Waters were once popular holiday destinations. Berowra was mentioned in many publications as a wonderful place to spend a day, or longer over the Easter break. The article above is just one example, appearing on March 12, 1936 in The Farmer And Settler. This was one month before Easter Sunday fell (which in 1936 was April 12), and gave prospective tourists plenty of time to plan their trips!


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Berowra Netball Club Part 1 – The Beginning, 1960


“Our club began when the men on the committee of Berowra Soccer Club asked Mrs Joan Olson to ‘do something for the girls’.

Up to this time the boys had both cricket and soccer. There was only social tennis played on private courts. If you wanted to join the Brownies you travelled to Hornsby.

Mrs Olson had played Women’s Basketball at school in Invercargill, New Zealand, so Women’s Basketball it was.

The Soccer Club provided the back bone of the ‘club’ for quite a few years. Mrs Olson attended meetings and finances were the Soccer Club’s.”

Thank you to Mrs Jenny Bentley nee Olson for access to records, photos, memorabilia and display items from Berowra Netball Club. Thank you also to members of the first two Berowra Netball teams for their memories drawn from their club’s 50th anniversary display items and shared above.


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Fishing At Berowra Waters

Image Courtesy of The Past Present www.australiaspastpresent.com

Image Courtesy of The Past Present

The image above is an idyllic view of Berowra, a place of fun, leisure and relaxation. In the foreground, a man enjoys a day on the water, casting his line and waiting to see what bites. Fishing has long been a popular pastime at Berowra though, and drew crowds from the city on a regular basis to try their luck. In fact, so popular were Berowra and Cowan Creeks that they were regularly mentioned in fishing reports in newspapers, including papers like the Sydney Morning Herald!

Do you have memories of fishing at Berowra or Cowan Creek – or perhaps a story about the one that got away? We would love to hear your memories!


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Meeting Skippy The Bush Kangaroo At Berowra


Were you among this group of Berowra children crowding forward to meet Skippy when he visited Berowra Village in December 1971?    It would have been exciting. Please do tell us more about it.

The above photo came from the front page of the Berowra & District News – December 1971. One of a number of copies of the newspaper generously donated to berowralivinghistory by Mary Budd


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A Special Invitation – Do You Remember This Occasion And Were You There?


The above advertisement appeared in the November 1971 Berowra & District News. This newspaper was published by the Berowra Progress Association for a time in the 1970’s. It was distributed in Mt Kuringai, Berowra, Berowra Waters, Cowan, Brooklyn, Dangar Island.

‘SANTA’S VILLAGE CENTRE’ boasted of a wide selection from 20 shops

To encourage all local residents a FREE Bus Service was also advertised to operate from Brooklyn via Cowan to Berowra Village Centre on EACH Friday, between November 26th and December 24th 1971.

The morning trip left at 11am with the return journey departing the Village at 1:30pm.

A number of copies of the Berowra & District News  papers were generously donated to berowralivinghistory by Mary Budd at the time of our first exhibition in 2007.


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Happy New Year

Ada Foster and Band 2

We wish you a Happy New Year with this beautiful image from the collection of Von Jones and Family!

This vintage professional photograph shows the late Max Jones’s grandmother, Ada. She is the tall young woman standing third from the right. Ada was an accomplished musician and an enterprising business woman. Forebear of a number of our pioneer Berowra families, Ada can be called the matriarch of Berowra.

Visit our Museum of Berowra : The Mother, The Father and The Matriarch to see more of the story of Ada and early Berowra.


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