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Monthly Mystery – Do You Remember Pearl’s Dummy Sucking Fish?


This week, Berowra Living History is turning attention to a memory from a time gone by – this time my own and my parents memories. When I was a little girl, the then well known local personality, Pearl, was associated with the RSL Restaurant. Perhaps she ran it? Pearl also owned a fish which was a resident of the RSL and quite famous in an of itself. The fish was even something of a tourist attraction – it could suck a dummy.

My question to all Berowra locals, past and present . . . do you remember Pearl and her fish, or perhaps have a photo you could share?


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A Mystery Notice

Mystery notice

We invite you to apply your detective skills to this MYSTERY NOTICE!

It was uncovered in Berowra not so long ago. Spot the typo. Does anyone know what the C.C.C. Society was?

Clubs, groups, teams and societies all form part of the fabric of a community. The C.C.C. Society was for men and women it would seem and existed at a pre-decimal currency period. The typewriter was fairly heavily pounded by the Hon. Sec. as is seen by reversing the original and looking at the full stops.

Perhaps this society still exists. Perhaps you can tell us something about it….


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Mystery Semi Solved

ada mystery Last week, Berowra Living History shared the beautiful image above with our online community. We were looking to find out who people identified Ada Richards as being, and this remains something of a mystery. Both N Saunders and Neil Davis identified the striking lady in the top row holding a guitar (seventh from the left, and fifth from the right), the lady who I also suspect to be the illusive Ada. Others have suggested the lady third from the left in the back row, or the lady behind the young man third from the left in the front. However, although we know she is featured, which of the many beautiful women shown above is Ada remains a mystery, with nobody able to positively and conclusively identify her in this particular image. Do you have information to share which will put this mystery to rest? Elissa

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A June Mystery – Is It Near Or Far?

Recently I rediscovered the following among my mother’s photograph collection.
It has the notation-    January 1933    Station between Newcastle & Sydney

Berowra Living History June 2015 mystery object

At previous viewings I had thought the image somewhat uninteresting but looking at it again I found it draws you in to check out the various things included, such as the sign posts, the buildings,the vehicles and trying to work out where the photographer was standing.

Can you identify the Station? 70 years on, would you like to submit a current photo for this scene? Maybe you can tell us more about this scene?


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November Mystery 2014

Acknowledgement to come next week - we wouldn't want to spoil the mystery!

Acknowledgement to come next week – we wouldn’t want to spoil the mystery!

Yes, this flag or banner announces a birth!

It was flown on the community flag pole at Berowra Waters some decades ago.

Can you tell us more?

Whose birth is being announced? What is the special significance?

Why the two stripes in the top left hand section?

Have you seen or used similar banners in Australia or overseas? When travelling I saw a great one in Switzerland.


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October Mystery Continued

This building was once part of the Grammar School

This building was once part of the Grammar School

Sadly, nobody has yet taken on our October Mystery, and instead of fully solving the matter, we have decided to offer just a teaser in hopes of coaxing some of our readers to share their memories.

Mt Colah Grammar School was once in the area of a charming, if now rather ramshackle house on the Pacific Highway near Mount Colah Station. Presumably the rundown house was used as one of the school buildings. The house, and the land once occupied by the school is now fenced off, and for many living in the area, the unused and seemingly unloved land has been a mystery in and of itself.

This image from Google Maps perhaps hints at the location of other buildings or garden beds - who knows!

This image from Google Maps perhaps hints at the location of other buildings or garden beds – who knows!

Do you have any memories of this home, or any information to share about Mount Colah Grammar School?


Images courtesy of Google Maps.

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October Mystery

photo 1

This week, Berowra Living History is sharing a mystery object of a slightly different kind. The image above shows a school badge which was kindly shared with us by B. Gibbons. The school in question was Mt Colah Grammar School.

Now, to the mystery. Do you know where this school was? Do you remember it? Did you perhaps attend (we are assured by the owner of the item that people from Berowra, Cowan and even Brooklyn attended!)

We’d love to hear your memories!


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September Mystery Solved

Yes, you are correct if you think that our September Mystery Object is a child’s school LUNCH BOX.

In the 1940s Berowra resident Joan Milne was given this little black lunch box when she started kindergarten. As you can see it was well looked after and sturdy enough to still be in good shape today.

It has a little brown leather strap handle and a metal clasp which still functions. Manufactured in wartime the little lunch box is practical, undecorated and made to last.

If you would like to find out more about this lunch box and others visit:


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September Mystery

september mystery 2

Do you know what this object is?

Do make an educated guess!

Thank you to Berowra resident, Joan Milne for donating her long treasured object to Berowra Living History and to Gabe Lomas for the images.

September mystery 1


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Several Mysteries


This little photo inscribed on the back simply “BEROWRA WATERS FERRY” was given to us by sisters, Jill Brancourt and Pat McCready via Shirley Collins after conversations about local history. Thank you to each of them for their contribution.


What kind of car is it? Is its number plate TB 531?

Who is the lady with her hand on the car?

Who is the partially obscured man standing nearby?

Who has been caught in the foreground shadow?

What date would you give to the photo?

Looking forward to your comments!


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