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Cause For Celebration!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

This week, Berowra Living History want to share some exciting news with our community. Recently, we were given the honour of being awarded the Owen Nannelli Memorial Award for 2013 by Hornsby Council. This award is for an outstanding contribution to the preservation and promotion of the history of the Berowra region and its people.

The team want to thank you, our community, our participants and our supporters for all that you have given and done for us. Your stories, photos, memorabilia and memories are the things which allow us to build the story of Berowra, and your time, support and friendship are invaluable.

Elissa, Rhonda, Robyn and Ann.

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History Week 2013

Ruby pointing to her great grandpa      Photo courtesy of Janelle Marr

Ruby pointing to her great grandpa
Photo courtesy of Janelle Marr

Many places around the world formally celebrate their history.

Here the History Council of NSW is marking History Week from 7th to 15th September. The theme this year is “Picture This”, with the participants in History Week looking at historical images and the history which surrounds them.

Berowra Living History has an amazing collection of Historical Photographs, and we invite you to celebrate History Week online with us. Scroll through our many blog and museum images and pause to look at a few that you particularly like.

I have started the ball rolling with the image above, drawn from my favourites. It reflects the way in which Berowra Living History celebrates the history of decades ago, and the passing on of history.  The image captures a special moment in local and family history and shows the continuing history of local families and the wider community. To see the original blog post, click here.

Let us know which of our images speak to you.



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Introducing Will

Will playing school teacher for Berowra Primary School children at the recent School Exhibition

Will played school teacher for Berowra Primary School children at the recent School Exhibition

Hello everybody! My name is William Hawley and I am the newest member of the Berowra Living History team. I am currently completing my fourth year at Southern Cross University and hope to graduate in February as a high school teacher majoring in English and Modern History.

My first contact with the team was in October last year when I was trying to collaborate my community research project with a local historical society. Fortunately Ann, Rhonda, Elissa and Robyn were very enthusiastic to not only assist with the project but also invited me to join the team. I plan to focus mainly on the sport and recreational side of Berowra’s history which will be included in the virtual museum.

So here is a little teaser just to wet the appetite.

The origins of Berowra Cricket Club and oval

The earliest recorded reference to the Berowra Cricket Club dates back to the 29th of November 1919, although social cricket had been played in Berowra since the 1890’s. In an interview with Bill Foster he states that “The cricket club was formed by poultry farmers and orchardists prior to the 1920s. In those days, besides playing their Sunday matches here in Berowra, they would also travel over the punt by horse and cart for a Sunday match against Glenorie or Dural”


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Centenary Celebrations – 1912 to 2012

Former students of the old Berowra Public School with family and friends.

Former students of the old Berowra Public School with family and friends.

A great time was had by all on Sunday, 9th December. We celebrated the centenary of what was initially the big classroom and headmaster’s office of the old Berowra Public School and later the main room of Berowra District Hall. We remembered  a hundred years of service to our community.

Merle  Davis is reunited with the Carroll brothers.

Merle Davis is reunited with the Carroll brothers.

This image captures the surprise reunion of Merle Davis with the Carroll brothers who as youngsters had been friends of Merle and Neil Davis’s children. The children had grown up together enjoying many adventures in the Berowra bush.

Joyous  re-connections, storytelling and much laughter epitomized the day.

Shirley Collins and Elaine Foster

Shirley Collins and Elaine Foster

Shirley Collins reminisced about her time as a teacher in the old school in the fifties and Elaine Foster remembered an earlier time when she was a Year Six pupil in our historic building.

A classroom from yesteryear.

A classroom from yesteryear.

The morning of Monday 10th December was for the children of Berowra. Over 400 youngsters walked to the old school and engaged with former students: Peter Huett, Jim Hatfield, Keith Holmes and Neil Davis as they told stories from their school days. These stories were further brought to life by visiting the classroom, seen above, where Elissa and Will, from the team, were on duty. Other learning opportunities were, trying out copperplate writing with former teacher, Shirley Collins or hands on discovery with all the old farm and household objects where Isobel Harrison was in charge.

The body of the hall held further fascinating displays to explore some representing the community groups that have been part of the long history of our District Hall.

Thank you again to all who contributed to the great centenary celebration, especially to The Lions Club of Berowra, without whom the exhibition would not have been possible.

Do visit our virtual museum :  Museum of Berowra for more!


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Monthly Mystery

Yes, the time has come for you to take a look at our first Mystery Item.

Mystery Object

Here it is!  Does it look at all familiar? Have you seen it or something like it before, perhaps you have?

We have decided that our first Monthly Mystery blog will present you with a mystery and a little of our own story.

This object, some of you may remember, was on display in the window of Berowra’s Bendigo Bank during our 2009 Exhibition. It was of much interest to passersby and in particular to the children of our local primary schools who took up the challenge to identify it.  A number of the youngsters were successful, have a go yourself.  Send your ideas to us through the Leave A Comment section.  The mystery will be solved in a week’s time.  Enjoy your detective work!


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