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New Exhibition – Tall Tales, Or True

advertising imageToday, Berowra Living History is proud to announce the launch of our newest exhibition, Tall Tales, Or True. This exhibition focuses on the more unusual stories we have had recounted to us, or come across in research. We have discovered some wonderful images to include, and made a few changes to several of these in order to more accurately reflect the subject matter. Get ready for nudists, UFO’s, and even a perilous escape from a tin of salmon – simply click the image above to discover more!

Of course, if you have a tall tale, or true, which you would like to see added, we would also love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or send us an email!



Happy New Year

Ada Foster and Band 2

We wish you a Happy New Year with this beautiful image from the collection of Von Jones and Family!

This vintage professional photograph shows the late Max Jones’s grandmother, Ada. She is the tall young woman standing third from the right. Ada was an accomplished musician and an enterprising business woman. Forebear of a number of our pioneer Berowra families, Ada can be called the matriarch of Berowra.

Visit our Museum of Berowra : The Mother, The Father and The Matriarch to see more of the story of Ada and early Berowra.


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Heralding The New Virtual Museum Exhibition Berowra: Going Postal

Now on view at:


This exhibition retraces the history of postal services in our suburb of Berowra being initially part of the duties of the railway attendant at Berowra station to a thriving venture. These services expanded to meet the demands of our community and step-by-step the post office developed into a successful business. This exhibition is only the first stage so continue to watch this space and enjoy the virtual journey of Berowra: Going Postal.

Robyn and Rhonda

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Saluting Berowra At War


This week, with the world wide commemorations of the anniversary of the start of the First World War, Berowra Living History wanted to remind our readers of the role played by our Berowra Boys who went to war, and the wider Berowra community. Sixteen boys with known connections to Berowra went to serve during World War One, alongside seven boys from Mount Kuringai. Although the local war memorial lists many more names, their identities and connection to Berowra remain something of a mystery, for now at least.

Our boys were not the only ones contributing to the war effort though, with troops stationed locally to protect the vital transport link represented by the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge and local residents working tirelessly in fundraising efforts and even providing a haven for returned servicemen. The children also played a role in our war efforts, as the article above by Valerie Jameson demonstrates.

If you would like to learn more about Berowra at War, visit our exhibition.



Acknowledgement: The article used in this post is: The Childrens Way: While The War Drags On. Valerie Jameson. The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser, September 13, 1918. This article from TROVE is used courtesy of the National Library of Australia. To access the original visit: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article130750269

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Berowra At War In World War One – New Exhibition!

Today, as we approach the centenary of the start of World War One, it is only fitting to launch a new exhibition honouring the story of Berowra during what was once known as The Great War. Berowra and district contributed to the war effort in many ways, not only on the home front, but of course with local men leaving for foreign theatres of war. Several of these men would not return home.

In our new exhibition some of the stories of this period are told. Included is an Honour Roll sharing a little about the men who went off to serve. Many of these men had strong connection to Berowra during the war, but others were from a little further afield in Mount Kuringai. Others still remain something of a mystery and we welcome community input into their identities and how they were connected to Berowra during this period (if at all, we surmise that some may be later residents who were acknowledged, but not connected to the area during the period between 1914 to 1918).

So on this special day, spare a thought for Berowra’s ANZACs and visit Berowra At War.

World war one

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Visit Beautiful Berowra

Intro poster

This week Berowra Living History would like to take the opportunity to point our readers to our newest exhibition. Today, although on a sunny weekend, Berowra Waters can seem flooded with visitors enjoying our stunning views and glorious environment, Berowra is now but a small stop on a tourist drive compared with the tourist heyday of this ‘premier pleasant place’. In its heyday Berowra was a major tourist destination, attracting huge numbers of tourists who came to stay, play and explore. Our newest exhibition Visit Beautiful Berowra tells the history of Berowra as a tourist hub. So make sure you VISIT BEAUTIFUL BEROWRA.

Do you have any memories of Berowra in its tourist heyday? Why not share them with our readers!

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Cause For Celebration!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

This week, Berowra Living History want to share some exciting news with our community. Recently, we were given the honour of being awarded the Owen Nannelli Memorial Award for 2013 by Hornsby Council. This award is for an outstanding contribution to the preservation and promotion of the history of the Berowra region and its people.

The team want to thank you, our community, our participants and our supporters for all that you have given and done for us. Your stories, photos, memorabilia and memories are the things which allow us to build the story of Berowra, and your time, support and friendship are invaluable.

Elissa, Rhonda, Robyn and Ann.

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Who Are These Mysterious Pioneers?


Every community has its pioneers. In Berowra, for many years we have claimed Mary Wall as our most important pioneering figure, but there are others who have played a significant role in creating the village and community.

Our newest exhibition, The Mother, The Father and The Matriarch celebrates three of these pioneering figures (yes, including Mary Wall), bringing the stories of these three formative figures to light. Some of these histories may not be quite what you expect, or indeed what you were taught as a child, but in The Mother, The Father and The Matriarch the team used rigorous research from both primary sources and the families to separate fact from fiction. These are the true stories of these pioneers, as approved by their families.

Click here to visit the exhibition.

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Berowra At War – New Exhibition

Keith Holmes as a school boy. This was the only school photo Keith remembers having taken during the War

Keith Holmes as a school boy. This was the only school photo Keith remembers having taken during the War

This week, with ANZAC Day nearly upon us, I wanted to take the time to make sure our readers had heard about our newest exhibition, Berowra At War. Although Berowra would seem to be far from the dangers of war, hidden away in our rural, bushland surroundings, fear of attack and invasion was very real for residents of Berowra. In our newest exhibition we explore some of the stories of Berowra during wartime, and share some of the recollections of our residents. The exhibition is still under development, so there will be more to come.

I wanted to share with you a taster of the exhibition though:

“We had an air raid shelter just down below the school there. The parents all dug that and we got some heavy rain and it filled up with water so they had to dig another trench right away down the side of the hill to drain the air raid shelter out. We had to practice evacuating the school and down into the trench.” – Keith Holmes

This is just one of the stories which is shared in the exhibition, so head over to The Museum Of Berowra and have a look at Berowra At War!


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Introducing Will

Will playing school teacher for Berowra Primary School children at the recent School Exhibition

Will played school teacher for Berowra Primary School children at the recent School Exhibition

Hello everybody! My name is William Hawley and I am the newest member of the Berowra Living History team. I am currently completing my fourth year at Southern Cross University and hope to graduate in February as a high school teacher majoring in English and Modern History.

My first contact with the team was in October last year when I was trying to collaborate my community research project with a local historical society. Fortunately Ann, Rhonda, Elissa and Robyn were very enthusiastic to not only assist with the project but also invited me to join the team. I plan to focus mainly on the sport and recreational side of Berowra’s history which will be included in the virtual museum.

So here is a little teaser just to wet the appetite.

The origins of Berowra Cricket Club and oval

The earliest recorded reference to the Berowra Cricket Club dates back to the 29th of November 1919, although social cricket had been played in Berowra since the 1890’s. In an interview with Bill Foster he states that “The cricket club was formed by poultry farmers and orchardists prior to the 1920s. In those days, besides playing their Sunday matches here in Berowra, they would also travel over the punt by horse and cart for a Sunday match against Glenorie or Dural”


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