Who We Are

Hi, I'm Ann



Hi my name is Ann. I’ve been part of our Berowra Living History team since its creation in 2006.

My background is in many forms of education. It’s been a joy for me to connect with the senior residents of our area and listen to their reminiscences. It’s also been a joy to make contact with our four primary schools and find ways to invite youngsters and their teachers to continue to celebrate our local history.



Hi, I'm Elissa



Hi, I’m Elissa and I have only recently become involved with the Berowra Living History Project, though I have been a Berowra resident all my life.

My background is in Museum Studies and History, but I also have several years experience working with children and a strong grounding in online technology.  I’m looking forward to using this technology to make the history of Berowra come alive and interacting with the community, both in person and online!





Hi, I'm Rhonda


Hi, I’m Rhonda Davis, a long-time resident of Berowra involved in the Living History Project since it began. Working as a curator, I am fascinated by the way local knowledge can inform and change how we view history. I also have a long-term interest in Margaret Preston which led me to seek more information about her time in Berowra. Piecing together the story of this time was largely due to the previously untapped resources of local knowledge.

How those memories are recalled and retold is one of the main reasons I became involved in Berowra’s Living History Project. Retracing histories through oral history is enlivening to the listener, as each voice articulates the retelling of the story in a highly unique way and it is these stories which compels my ongoing engagement with the project.



Hi, I'm Robyn




Hi, I’m Robyn, a keen family history researcher and I have been involved with Berowra’s Living History since it’s inception in 2006.

I really enjoy chatting with people so it has been a particular pleasure recording the stories of our older residents. This website will mean those stories and others can be shared.

12 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Gabe Lomas says:

    We all owe you a debt of gratitude for what you’re doing to awaken us to the Living History all around us in Berowra – especially in our seniors, whose wisdom you have been recording. Thanks.

  2. Rhonda Davis says:

    How cool is Berowra’s Living History Project. Cant wait to hear and see more over the coming months

  3. Neil and Merle Davis says:

    Hello to you all,, Neil and myself think that your web-site is just great.We look forward to
    visiting your new found “nest” often… Keep up the good work.
    Love.. Neil & Merle Davis

  4. Lyn Hicks says:

    This is FANTASTIC guys! Congratulation to Elissa for doing her usual splendid job. Cheers, Lyn.

  5. Roslyn Mort says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a fabulous project. How lucky we are here in Berowra to have such a dedicated team delving into the past and bringing it to life. I look forward to the next instalment and “mystery object”


  6. Wendy Lush says:

    congratulations. I’ve really enjoyed “discovering” your site & I’m so grateful that our history is being recorded & is so ACCESSIBLE for the now & future generations. A very professional & enjoyable record.

  7. joan allison says:

    HI I have been wondering over the years , having lived near Margaret Preston in Berowra .Did she build her home there. or was it already built.Cheers joan allison

    • Hi Joan,

      Sorry, your comment became caught up in Spam and overlooked. Thanks for reading our blog and leaving a comment though!

      I will have to consult a few people to find out for sure, but I will get back to you.

  8. Congratulations on your great site. Keep the information coming. I’ve lived in Berowra for 40 years. What a great place to raise a family.

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